Italy has fundementals of Europran Culture and History,rich culture whn start withh Ancient Roman Empire, food diversity from pizza to cappucino , fashion and art, its beautiful coastline and beaches, its mountains, and priceless ancient monuments. Italy is home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. High art and monuments are to be found everywhere around the country. Its great cities of art, like Rome, Venice and Florence are world famous and have been attracting visitors for centuries. Besides its art treasures Italy also features beautiful coasts, alpine lakes and mountains. No wonder it is often nicknamed the Bel Paese (beautiful country).
Italy is also a natural film set. Its beautiful scenery make it the perfect background for every kind of film production: From its metropolises, to its Renaissance palaces, and amazing natural landscapes.
Italy is an ensemble of art, culture, natural landscapes, traditions, magic…in a word, diversity. Enjoy Italy !

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